hong kong property investment


The development of major new transport and other infrastructure is providing potential for very substantial upgrading of values of existing real estate in the vicinity of such new infrastructure facilities.

A softening residential market is creating unprecedented opportunities in Grade B and Grade C industrial and commercial buildings.  

A "gap" in the market is available, as many larger property companies and funds only target large scale developments, and do not focus on smaller opportunities.

Many local individual property players choose not to invest in "value-add" opportunities, preferring a buy and hold strategy. Many market sectors are supply constrained.

Taxes are low, and straight forward.

No capital gains tax, no wealth tax, no tax on dividends, no Value Added Tax, no estate duty, and no tax on non-Hong Kong derived income.

A great deal of manufacturing activity has relocated to China. Existing industrial buildings are becoming redundant for manufacturing uses. Policy is increasingly allowing such buildings to be converted to other higher value uses such as office, retail, showrooms, galleries studios and even residential.

Such policies are opening up value add opportunities for these existing buildings.

A syndicate provides the opportunity to join other investors and acquire opportunities that have the potential to achieve outstanding returns. 

Minimum investment required is usually HK$1 million.

Opportunities are limited to professional, institutional and corporate investors, and are not offered to the public.